Massive Medicaid Fraud Found

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The state comptroller says he's identified nearly $100 million in Medicaid fraud.

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says three separate audits uncovered a number of mistakes in Medicaid payments and overcharges that, he says, needlessly cost taxpayers $92 million. One of the most egregious errors involved a Poughkeepsie woman who collected $196,000 for taxis to and from Albany to visit her child in a long-term nursing facility, a service DiNapoli says was not deemed medically necessary.

"It's disturbing at any time, but at a time where the state is literally running out of cash and managing our checkbook on a day-to-day basis, there's not excuse for wasting millions of dollars," DiNapoli says.

The state comptroller says he thinks he may have just scratched the surface and there might be millions more wasted in the $45 billion Medicaid program.