New Theatre Comes to 42nd Street

The Signature Theater is getting a new home on 42nd Street, with the help of a $25 million contribution from the city. The Signature Center is expected to open in 2012 and it will house three theaters, rehearsal studios, a cafe and a bookstore.

Signature is known for devoting an entire season to the work of a single playwright. Tony Kushner will be the first one featured. He says the buildings where plays are performed are often part of an enduring legacy.

KUSHNER: Theater makers leave only three things behind – legends, play scripts, and from time to time, when the economy’s good and landlords behave, and the mayor and city council are supportive, buildings. Of these three only plays and buildings have any lasting power.

REPORTER: The Signature Theater previously planned to open a performance space at the World Trade Center site. The new building in the theater district will be part of an $800 million, 59-story residential and hotel complex.