Courts Rule Against City's Plan for Randall's Island, Again

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A state judge has ordered the Bloomberg administration to bring an agreement involving Randall's Island, to the City Council for a vote.

It's the second time community and parents groups won their case against a Parks Department deal that gives private schools to pay for preferential use of some of the new ball fields. Marina Ortiz of an East Harlem Preservation organization is one of the plaintiffs.

ORTIZ: We shouldn't be here having to celebrate. This should have been done properly in the first place and so I hope the city has learned a lesson and put it into the hands of the community.

REPORTER: A judge first ruled against the project in early 2008. This time, the Judge said the city hadn't materially changed the project since then to comply with land use review laws, and ordered the city to pay the plaintiffs' attorney's fees.

In a statement, the Bloomberg Administration says the project expands recreational opportunities for public and private school students, since it will create, and refurbish, 63 playing fields. The statement says all legal options are being considered.