City Takes Stand Against Nat Gas Drilling

The Bloomberg administration says the state plan to allow natural gas drilling on land near upstate reservoirs poses "unacceptable risks" and the city is requesting it be withdrawn.

A scientific study just released by the Bloomberg administration details several nightmare scenarios if natural gas drilling is allowed near the city's upstate reservoirs.

Contamination of soil and water, ruptures to underground water tunnels, and diminished reservoir capacity are some of the dangers described in the report. The authors predict as many as six thousand wells could be drilled on private land within the watershed, leading to results that are "potentially catastrophic".

It's the strongest response yet by city officials to a state plan to regulate gas drilling. Albany regulators expect to finalize their new drilling plans next year.

Read the city’s comments on Albany ’s proposals for regulating gas drilling. (PDF)

Read the city’s cover letter for its comments. (PDF)

Click here to read the Final Impact Assessment Report. (PDF)

Click here to read the State’s Draft Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement. (PDF)