New Yorkers Respond to Attempted Attack on Airplane

The attempted attack on an international flight heading into Detroit has travelers in New York thinking about security measures.

REPORTER: Carole Galante was at Newark Liberty International Airport Christmas Day for a flight to Ireland. She said she's not surprised a man could get through security with an explosive device that included liquid.

GALANTE: I carry a bottle of water in my carry-on and get away with it. Often. So it's true, I don't know if security is really so fantastic.

REPORTER: The incident has US officials taking a fresh look at measures in other countries, according to New York Congressman Peter King, the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee:

KING: It appears that there could have been a fall-off in security in Nigeria, but also, we have to find out what happened in Amsterdam, 'cause Amsterdam historically has been very solid as far as their airport security screening.

REPORTER: As for Nigeria, King says he wants to know what went wrong with the the body scanning devices the US gave to the Nigerian government to to use at the country's airports.