Kosher Slaughterhouse Closed for Unsanitary Conditions

A federal judge has temporarily closed a Rockland County kosher slaughterhouse accused of poor sanitary conditions. Prosecutors say New Square Meats and Adir Poultry of Spring Valley violated United States Department of Agriculture rules.

Slaughterhouse managers allegedly kept inspectors out of the facility. When they finally gained access they found stagnant water, mold, and generally unclean conditions.

An attorney for the slaughterhouse requested the closure be held off until the Hasidic community could line up an alternative source of kosher meat.

U.S. District Judge Stephen Robinson denied the request, issuing a temporary restraining order. He said the plant needed to be closed immediately, because it represents "a risk to the health and welfare of the community."

The plant is to remain closed until USDA inspectors say it's complying with all federal laws.