Full Senate to Determine Monserrate's Future

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Now that a special state Senate committee has decided that Hiram Monserrate should be expelled or censured, it's up to the full Senate to decide the Queens Democrat's political fate. WNYC's Ailsa Chang reports.

REPORTER: Majority Conference leader John Sampson says he'll definitely allow a vote to sanction Monserrate to proceed on the senate floor.

SAMPSON: A resolution will hit the floor at some point in time, but that won't take place until after I've had an opportunity to discuss it with our conference, and at that point in time, we will proceed.

REPORTER: Sampson declined to say whether the resolution would definitely be for expulsion. But the special committee he convened says the first resolution up should be a vote to expel Monserrate. Committee chair Eric Scheniderman says the vote could be a couple weeks from now, and certainly less than a month away.

For WNYC, I'm Ailsa Chang.]