Lincoln Tunnel May Increase Carpool Lanes

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The Port Authority is studying a plan to get more people through the Lincoln Tunnel every morning faster. But it could cost you if you're driving alone. WNYC's Andrea Bernstein explains.

REPORTER: Over 60,000 people come into Manhattan through the Lincoln Tunnel every day on a bus. But the bus lane is nearing capacity, so the Port Authority is eyeing a plan to make two of the four incoming lanes for high occupancy vehicles. But there's a twist: The Port Authority's Mark Muriello says a car with only a driver can buy its way into the fast lane.

MURIELLO: So the notion here also is to then see if we could price the capacity and sell it to people at a higher level of service and travel time savings while protecting the travel time for the mass transit and the carpool users.

REPORTER: Other cities already have implemented such plans. There's no timetable for the Lincoln Tunnel proposal.