Paterson Says Drumbeat for Him to Exit Race Smacks of "Orchestration"

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Gov. David Paterson says despite growing calls for him to not seek a full term he’s staying in the race.

Republican Scott Brown's upset win in the Massachusetts Senate race has led to a drumbeat of Democrats calling for Paterson, who is underfunded and struggling with low poll ratings, to step aside for a more viable candidate for governor. Paterson is ignoring those requests and hints that someone else is pulling the strings.

"Drumbeats remind me of orchestras, and orchestras remind me of orchestration," Paterson says. "So this whole idea that all these people got this idea at one time is rather hard for me to believe. And what I would just point out is, while they're beating drums, I'm a drum major."

Paterson did not name names, but the state's popular attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, is believed to be interested in running for governor. Cuomo, for his part, says he's just focusing on his job right now.