Judge Rules Against Reinstating Section 8 Vouchers

A federal judge in Manhattan says he will not require the New York City Housing Authority to reinstate 2,600 housing vouchers for low-income families. WNYC's Cindy Rodriguez reports.

REPORTER: Judge Sidney Stein says there isn't enough proof that people will end up homeless without the housing vouchers. Plus, he says federal regulations didn't require the housing authority to notify people sooner or hold public hearings on the matter. Legal Aid has argued both were necessary.

The vouchers are highly coveted. Some people wait years to get them. There's also a waiting list with more than 100,000 names. So in December, when the housing authority announced the vouchers would not be honored because of a lack of federal funds, recipients were confused, angry and worried. Legal Aid has said many recipients were homeless not long ago and without the subsidy they'll end up back in shelter. The city say's it is working with the state to try to prevent that.

The New York City Housing Authority says it could be more than a year before it has the money to fund the vouchers again.