White House Still Talking to New York on 9/11 Trial

Obama administration officials have acknowledged that other sites are under consideration for the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other Sept. 11 suspects. But White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says negotiations with New York City continue. "We understand their logistical concerns and their security concerns that are involved. We have been discussing that with them. As you know, they were originally supportive of this. We want to see this man tried and brought to justice in the place in which the crime was committed, Gibbs says. The Justice Department said late last year the trials would take place in federal court in Lower Manhattan. But opposition from local officials and business leaders has been growing since Police Commissioner Ray Kelly unveiled security plans, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg put the cost of the trial at $216 million, just for the first year after the suspects are transferred from Guantanamo. President Obama's proposed $3.8 trillion 2011 budget, which he sent to Congress today, includes a proposed $200 million to help pay for security costs related to the terror trial. The president's proposal also calls for $73 million to transfer, prosecute, and incarcerate detainees from Guantanamo Bay.