NYC Panel Proposes Enviro-Friendly Building Code

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A city task force has come up with 111 recommendations on making the city's building code greener. WNYC's Arun Venugopal has more. REPORTER: The task force says this is the most comprehensive review of green building codes for any city and would apply to all new construction. Some of the proposals would be elaborate, like requiring big buildings to re-tune their energy systems every 7 years and providing a zoning bonus for buildings that are well insulated. Others are common-sense approaches, like having stores switch off their lights after hours or ensuring apartments have their own temperature controls so windows aren't kept open in the winter. The task force says that if their recommendations are adopted as code, the cost of green materials will come down because more builders will have to use them. The Real Estate Board of New York is already signaling that it wants to revise the proposals as they make their way through the legislative process.