A (Hospital) Room Of One's Own

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From New York Times , and
Being in the hospital is bad enough. Then to add insult to whatever injury put you in the hospital, sometimes, you get stuck with a stranger as a roommate. Now a growing body of evidence shows that being alone in a single room helps patients get better, faster. This may seem like a no-brainer, yet few private rooms exist in the standard hospital. That could change due to the new field of “evidence-based hospital design”. Here to explain is Carol Ann Campbell, a medical writer whose story on this movement in health care appears today in the New York Times.
"Natural light, scenes of nature, have been found not just to make people feel better, to actually improve their healing process. And it's no longer a matter of intuition, there's actual data to support many of these conclusions."
—New York Times freelancer Carol Ann Campbell on hospital redesigns

For more, read Carol Ann Campbell's article, Health Outcomes Driving New Hospital Design, in the New York Times.