Report: NY Misspent Education Stimulus Funds

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According to a new report presented this week at Teachers College, several states including New York failed to use stimulus dollars effectively in supporting public education. WNYC's Beth Fertig has more.

REPORTER: The study examined how the stimulus funds were used by 11 states including New York. It found the states largely used the money to plug their deficits, preventing teacher layoffs. But they were also supposed to maintain a minimum funding level and New York may fall short of that goal because of its continued budget cuts.

The state never lived up to its pledge to increase education aid by billions of dollars years after a lawsuit found New York City was shortchanged. Governor Paterson has said the state can't afford to spend as much because of the deficit. But the study says some states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have done a better job living up to their spending commitments while also saving jobs with stimulus dollars.