Barbie Takes on Katie and Diane

Once again, Barbie is the star of the American International Toy fair. This time the doll was debuting her newest professional passion.

Fans chose her latest career in an online poll, and the winner by an overwhelming margin: TV news anchor.

Michelle Chidoni, manager for the Barbie brand explains: "She comes with a microphone. She comes with her news folder, with all of her reporting materials, and she also comes with a camera, so if she's out in the field by herself, she can record her stories and she's ready to go."

The multi-talented Barbie has already had 124 different careers in the past. This year TV journalist won out over an Architect, Computer Engineer, an Environmentalist, and a Surgeon.

If Barbie can't find the right story as a journalist, she can always join try the IT industry. Mattel, which makes the popular doll, also announced it will launch Barbie Computer Engineer later this year, after women in the high-tech industry voted for that career.