Officers Acquitted in Subway Assault Trial

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Three New York City police officers accused of sodomizing a drug suspect have been acquitted of all charges. Officer Richard Kern was charged with sodomizing Michael Mineo with a police baton during an arrest at a Brooklyn station on October 15, 2008. Two other officers were charged with covering it up.

The trial lasted four weeks, and now Mineo is suing the city for $440 million. His attorney says Mineo is planning on asking federal officials to investigate the case and they are asking U.S. Marshals to protect Mineo.

Mineo claims the officers chased him after he was caught smoking marijuana on the street and that they handcuffed him, attacked him, and then let him go. He was hospitalized for a small, non-penetrating wound and returned for treatment of an internal abscess.

The accused officers remain on modified duty pending a departmental review.