State Sen. Perkins: Paterson Resignation 'Almost Inevitable'

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Gov. David Paterson is expected to announce at a press conference this hour that he will drop his bid for a full term. This in the wake of allegations that he and the state police interfered with a domestic violence case against a longtime aide.

But there is growing concern in Albany about whether he can effectively serve out the rest of his term.

Even State Sen. Bill Perkins, who holds Paterson's old Harlem seat, believes resignation may be better than the investigation underway by Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

"He knows what he did, who he talked to," Perkins tells WNYC. "He knows under whose order the state troopers contacted this woman. If the investigation turns out the way many suspect, his resignation is almost inevitable. If that is the case then it is in the best interests of the people of New York for him to cut bait now."

Perkins spoke on the Brian Lehrer Show this morning. Brian will be hosting live coverage here on WNYC of the governor's press conference as soon as it gets underway.