Mayor and DOT Commissioner Fill 'Two-Millionth Pothole'

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The Bloomberg administration says it's hit a memorable milestone. It filled the city's two-millionth pothole on Staten Island.

The Department of Transportation usually fills about 2,000 street holes a day, but DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan says the recent tough winter weather forced her agency to step up the effort.

"The rock salt, the chains, the winter, the freeze thaw, the rain. It's just been a really -- it's a bad, bad season for us, and so it's certainly a full employment act for DOT crews out on the streets of New York."

Sadik-Kahn says 40 crews fan out across the five boroughs every day, including nights and weekends. She says this winter, crews have been working 10-hour shifts, filling up to 4,000 potholes a day.