City Waits For Health Bill Details

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The House of Representatives is expected to vote on health-care legislation this weekend, and here in New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he needs to see what lawmakers pass before he can say how it will impact the city and its own health-care expenses.

"We have a billion-dollar deficit for Health and Hospitals Corporation, we've got to plug that. We've spent an enormous amount of money on Medicaid, that keeps us from doing other things," Bloomberg says.

Speaking today on his weekly WOR radio show, the mayor credited Sen. Charles Schumer for getting an increased Medicaid reimbursement in the reconciliation bill. Schumer says it would save New York billions of dollars over the next decade.

Currently, the state gets 50 percent back, but under the agreement announced Thursday the reimbursement will rise to 75 percent in 2014, and 93 percent five years later.