NYS Cuts Funding for Domestic Violence Programs

Advocates for domestic violence survivors say Governor Paterson is not only accused of trying to protect an aide who allegedly abused his girlfriend he is also cutting $3 million for programs that serve domestic violence victims. WNYC's Cindy Rodriguez reports:

REPORTER: About half the money is used by about a dozen non-profit organizations in New York City. They provide services such as crisis counseling, legal advocacy, and help with finding housing. Madeline Garcia-Bigelow from the Urban Justice Center says the programs aim to intervene early on, before situations get severe and cost more money on the back end.

GARCIA-BIGELOW: Emergency room services, shelter services so many other things that happen that will end up costing more economically.

REPORTER: Garcia-Bigelow says the proposed cuts represent 25 percent of the overall budget for domestic violence prevention programs that serve primarily low income victims. The state budget office says it was able to fund programs in past years because of extra resources, but that has changed and the state is now facing a $9 billion deficit.