Parks Officials Consider Cuts to Public Pools

New York City's Parks Department may have to close pools and shorten the season, even as tough times increase the demand for access. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has more.

REPORTER: The Parks Department must find $40 million in cuts for the budget year that starts July 1st. High on the list of possible rollbacks... closing four of the City's 63 public pools and shortening the pool season by two weeks. Life Guard Coordinator Javier Rodriquez says that's when New Yorkers need pools most.

RODRIGUEZ: The community's going to be effected because generally during the last two weeks of the summer have been very hot over the last several years and the community needs or has to have a place to go to to cool off, especially the young people.

REPORTER: City Parks budget pressures come on the heels of major cutbacks planned for the state's parks and beach facilities this summer. Albany has targeted closing 41 parks, including Baywater Point State Park in Queens and Riverbank State Park along the Hudson in West Harlem.

For WNYC, I'm Bob Hennelly.