March Showers Halt Northeast Train Service

It's not raining, but travelers coming in and out of New York are still being hampered by the weather. Amtrak has suspended its Northeast Regional services between Boston and New York because of high water along the tracks east of Providence, Rhode Island. Service on the Acela Express is also suspended between New Haven and Boston.

Amtrak says service will remain suspended through April 1. Passengers traveling between New York and Washington D.C. should also expect delays.

Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole says this week's storm caused significant flooding along the Northeast corridor and poses a danger to the trains, which are powered by overhead electrical wires.

“Water and electricity do not mix, and that's not a safe thing, and we don't want the trains to become disabled passing through large amounts of waters,” Cole says.

Customers with tickets for today are requested to call Amtrak customer service so they can be honored at another time.

The governor of Rhode Island says the flooding is unprecedented in the state's history.

In Hempstead, on Long Island, a town official says the popular Lido Beach West is "all but devastated" because of the sand that was lost.

This article was updated April 1, 2010