A Card from Bloomberg Outlines Priorities for Political Donors

For the fourth consecutive year, Mayor Bloomberg is distributing the "New York City Card." It lists five political issues that the mayor feels are the city's priorities and it's usually given to New York's top campaign contributors.

This year the mayor is expanding his effort to include 50,000 New Yorkers, all of whom contributed at least $200 in recent federal elections. The purpose of the card is to persuade political donors to write checks only to candidates who pledge to keep New York City's priorities in mind.

"We would like you to say, 'Great, I would be happy to help, but let me tell you what we need in the city and we will make our decision to support you or not based on whether you help the city,'" the mayor says.

The five issues on this year's card are Education, Financial Reform, Illegal Guns, Immigration Reform, and 911 Responders' Health Care.

The mayor's office says New Yorkers contribute 2.5 times more to political campaigns than anywhere else in the country.