NJ Teachers Cool to Christie's Salary Freeze

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's offer to provide additional state aid to school districts, where teachers agree to a salary freeze, has yet to gain traction with the state's 600 school districts. WNYC's Bob Hennelly has more.

REPORTER: So far teachers in 11 districts have agreed to the freeze. By contrast, administrators in a 101 districts have signed on. Boonton, New Jersey is one of the few districts where both teachers and administrators agreed to the yearlong pay freeze and it averted 25 layoffs.

Christie has extended his incentive offer for local districts until the state's budget deadline at the end of June, when the Legislature and the governor have to reach a budget deal. Christie's extension for local districts comes even as the state's non-partisan Office of Legislative Services reports that state sales tax revenues next year would be $250 million lower than the Christie Administration projections.