City Council to Overhaul Recycling Rules

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A slew of legislative proposals would mark the biggest expansion of city recycling in over 20 years. WNYC's Arun Venugopal has more on the effort in the City Council.

REPORTER: If you're the kind of armchair environmentalist who wants to do their part but are too confused to sort the right plastics from the wrong plastics, this legislation may clarify things for you. The council intends to make all hard plastic items recyclable including takeout containers, flower pots and little medicine bottles.

It will also place hundreds of recycling bins around the city projecting that 8000 tons of plastic will avoid going to landfills or incinerators each year. Council Speaker Christine Quinn says the city will actually end up saving money because it costs a lot less to recycle something than dispose of it in a landfill. Environmental groups have signed on and the Bloomberg administration says it looks forward to working with the council on the measures.