Former NYC Officer Convicted of Lying in YouTube Cyclist Clash ‎

A Manhattan jury has convicted a former New York City police officer of lying about a clash with a bike-riding activist in Times Square, one that was captured on video and seen by millions on YouTube. But, in a split decision, the jury acquitted Patrick Pogan of assault and harassment charges.

After the 2008 incident, Pogan had initially reported that cyclist Christopher Long steered into him and knocked him down, but a tourist's video contradicted that account.

Pogan was disappointed with the verdict, his lawyer, Stuart London, said. "We are all disappointed," the attorney said. "He was looking to be exonerated of all the charges because he, at the time [he] filled out that report had no intent to speak untruthfully."

Christoper Brodeur, a cyclist who participates in Critical Mass bike rallies, says he's disappointed that Pogan wasn't found guilty on any of the assault charges.

"It doesn't benefit anybody to protect a bad cop," Brodeur said. "No one can dispute that that cop broke the law."

London, the attorney, says his client was just doing his job and he hopes Pogan won't see jail time. He faces up to four years in prison when he's formally sentenced in June.