Bloomberg in Times Square: 'We're Not Going to Let Them Win'

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Police are still investigating the failed bomb attack in Times Square Saturday night and who might be responsible for parking the SUV filled with explosives. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says even though New York is such a prominent target, people should feel safe living here because the city's law enforcement is so vigilant.

"I can tell you that I let my kids live in this city and I hope they do for the rest of their lives, and they come to Times Square," the mayor said.

Bloomberg pointed out how crowded Times Square was on Sunday.

"There are some people around the world who find our freedom so threatening that they're willing to kill themselves and others to prevent us from enjoying it, but we're not going to let them win," Bloomberg said.

NYPD Officer Wayne Rhatigan, who was the first officer to find the car containing the bomb, was widely hailed as a hero and dined with the mayor Sunday. Rhatigan downplayed his role. “There were two guys in bomb suits last night. Now those guys are incredible heroes. It’s amazing what those guys did," Rhatigan said. "You know, it’s what we do. This is our job.”

Police say gasoline and propane found in the car could have cut the car in two, shattered windows and killed pedestrians. But they say the explosion probably would not have been strong enough to knock down a building. Bloomberg says there's no evidence that Al Qaeda or some other large terrorist organization was responsible.

Police are looking for white man in his 40s who appeared on surveillance video near the car where the explosives were found.

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