Bloomberg to Announce NYC Budget Plan

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Mayor Bloomberg will introduce today the city's budget for the next fiscal year. As WNYC's Bob Hennelly reports, the announcement comes against a backdrop of uncertainty, both from the local economy, and from an unresolved state budget in Albany.

REPORTER: The mayor will say he's confident the City can find the millions of dollars necessary to avoid dramatically shrinking the NYPD, as proposed earlier this year. But his plan will still call for the layoffs of several thousand teachers. That puts pressure on Albany - and even Washington - to help the City shrink its almost $5-billion budget gap.

Around the country, the red ink on local balance sheets is prompting the layoff of some 300,000 teachers.

Bloomberg will argue that cuts could go even deeper in the next few years - to essential services like public education - if municipal unions don't help contain ballooning pension and health care benefit costs. For WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.