White House Officials Say New York is Not Losing Anti-Terror Funds

The Obama administration, countering criticism from lawmakers, says federal anti-terror funding for New York City's mass transit and port security is actually going up, not down.

A White House spokesman says the city has seen a net increase of $47 million for port and transit security over the previous year's budget. The White House also notes that New York received more than $100 million in port and transit security grants from federal stimulus money. That brings total funding for anti-terror initiatives to $245 million -- a 14 percent increase over the previous administration.

But local lawmakers, including New York Sen. Charles Schumer, say the Department of Homeland Security is planning to cut security funding for city mass transit and ports by 27 percent. That number is based on a DHS briefing yesterday that said federal funding in these categories would decline from nearly $200 million to $144 million.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he's spoken with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and told him it was "critically important" that the city gets its "fair share" of homeland security funding. The mayor says Emanuel made a commitment to him to work with the city on the issue.