Pfizer to Cut 6,000 Jobs

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New York-based drugmaker Pfizer says it will reduce its global workforce by 6,000 employees over the next several years. The move is part of the company’s acquisition of Wyeth. Pfizer plans to end operations at eight manufacturing sites and reduce operations at another six facilities. "These decisions are not taken lightly and I think it's very, very important and I think it is important that folks keep in mind that we unfortunately did have to make these decisions based on the environment around us, based on what we said we would do by combining two companies, but we don’t take them lightly," said Ray Kerins, a spokesman for Pfizer. The biggest U.S. cuts will come to the Pearl River, New York, facility. That's where Pfizer plans to end production of tablets and capsules, as well as biotechnology and other consumer health care products.