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Ear to Ear 2007-2008 Season

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Ear to Ear takes innovative musicians off the New York stages and into the studio for conversation and music with host David Garland. This season features foreign-born artists now residing in the United States, part of The New Americans series on WNYC.

WNYC's The New Americans series is supported in part by the New York State Music Fund, established by the New York State Attorney General at Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Laura Andel

Ear to Ear: Laura Andel

Argentinian born (but New York-based) composer Laura Andel fills her other-worldly and dance-like music with "organisms and mechanisms," to expand our sense of time, form and perception through sound.

Taoufiq Ben Amor

Ear to Ear: Taoufiq Ben Amor

Tunisian-born vocalist, percussionist and oud Player Taoufiq Ben Amor is a strong presence on the local Arab music scene, performing both classical/folk and hip-hip/jazz-infused Arabian music with his New York City-based bands Ayyoub and Tarab.

Benjamin Bagby (Johannes Ritter)

Ear to Ear: Benjamin Bagby

Vocalist, harpist and scholar Benjamin Bagby has been an important figure in the field of medieval musical performance for almost 25 years. Co-founder of the highly successful early music group Sequentia, Bagby has been actively involved in the reconstruction of medieval oral epics, including his acclaimed bardic performance of the Anglo-Saxon epic, "Beowulf."

Eyal Maoz (

Ear to Ear: Eyal Maoz

Since relocating to the United States eight years ago, Israeli-born guitarist/composer Eyal Maoz has ridden the crest of avant-guard jazz through several ensembles. His latest group is the quartet Edom, which combines jazz and middle-eastern sounds with a distinctive rock attitude.

Amir Elsaffar (PI Recordings)

Ear to Ear: Amir Elsaffar

Some five years ago, jazz trumpeter/vocalist Amir Elsaffar embarked on a personal quest to master the centuries-old musical style of his Iraqi ancestry. Fusing modern jazz with the traditional Iraqi Maqam repertoire, Elsaffar continues to serve as a cultural ambassador, breathing new life into a rich — and nearly extinct — musical heritage.

Milica Paranosic (Jill Steinberg)

Ear to Ear: Milica Paranosic

A Belgrade born composer/performer living in New York, Milica Paranosic specializes in "extended music" — the use of technology to enhance and inform her (often unpredictable) performances.

Theo Bleckmann (Joerg Grosse Geldermann/NEXT)

Ear to Ear: Theo Bleckmann

Theo Bleckmann has been a steady force in New York's jazz and new music scene for over 15 years. The vocalist/composer talks about his most recent release, a collection of Cabaret songs from his native Germany, inspired by American politics and German history.

Haleh Abghari (photo by David Garland)

Ear to Ear: Haleh Abghari

A native of Iran who makes her home in New York City, Haleh Abghari has brought new music to life throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. The singer/activist brings samples of her work and talks with David Garland about her efforts to engage the community in socially relevant issues through performance art.

Iva Bittova (Ctibor Bachraty / ECM Records)

Ear to Ear: Iva Bittová

Born in Moravia, Iva Bittová is an avant-garde violinist, performance artist, and composer who started out as an actress in Czech feature films. Fresh off her performances at Joe's Pub and Union Hall in Brooklyn, Bittová joins David Garland to share her music and talk about her highly prolific — and unusual — career.

Anat Fort (Arne Reimer / ECM Records)

Ear to Ear: Anat Fort

The Village Voice writes that Anat Fort "has a charming way of dispensing pastoralism and an insightful way of lining that pastoralism with depth." The Israeli-born jazz pianist/composer joins David Garland to share her music and talk about her upcoming performance at the Cornelia Street Cafe.

Rudresh Mahanthappa (photo by Mark Duggan, White Noise Visuals)

Ear to Ear: Rudresh Mahanthappa

Jazz artist Rudresh Mahanthappa fuses the culture of his Indian ancestry with myriad other influences to create a unique artistic vision. The composer/saxophonist joins David in the studio to talk about his work in festivals and clubs worldwide, his recent CD release, and upcoming projects.