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Terence Blanchard

In town to kick off a world tour for his new album, Choices, composer and jazz trumpeter Terence Blanchard stops by to talk with Terrance McKnight.

Listen to the complete interview to hear about his finding a musical voice touring with Art Blakey as a college dropout, his innumerable collaborations with Spike Lee, his love of working with young artists like Bilal and with "jazz musicians of the mind" like Cornel West, and his continued efforts to battle "Katrina fatigue" in his hometown of New Orleans.

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Terrance McKnight

Complete Interview: Terence Blanchard
July 22, 2009

Tune in for the full conversation between Terrance McKnight and Terence Blanchard, complete with musical excerpts from his most recent album, Choices and from his most recent soundtrack with Spike Lee, Miracle at St. Anna.