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Mozart in Full Voice

There is perhaps no composer more a victim of his own success than Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Time has softened the edginess of his sound. Creative entrepreneurs have hijacked his legacy (see: The Mozart Effect theories, Mozart for your Mind, Mozart for Mothers-to-Be et al.) and some pieces have become such monumental successes that they've turned into caricatures of themselves.

This summer, in tandem with NYC's reinvigorated Mostly Mozart festival, Evening Music looks under the long shadow of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and dives deep into Mozart's soul, with a 14-day festival exploring his extraordinary music for solo voice and small vocal ensemble. We also want to hear about your favorite Mozart vocal work and to share thoughts about Mozart in Full Voice.

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Mozart and Manuscript

Mozart in Full Voice: Complete Schedule
July 27th - August 9th, 2009
Join us for Mozart in Full Voice, a two-week long festival celebrating Mozart’s affinity for the human voice. Take a look at the complete schedule and listen to 24/7 on-demand streaming of related Evening Music segments...

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Rows of Mozart CDs

Voice Your Opinion: Listener Favorites
July 20th, 2009
We want to hear about your favorite and most cherished Mozart songs. Share with us and fellow WNYC listeners your stories, names of arias, links and videos as we engage in a lively discussion about Mozart, beauty and the human voice…

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Mozart in the Middle

A Year Ago: Mozart in the Middle
August 4th, 2008
Last year, as part of our annual Mozart celebration, we listened to just the middle movements from Mozart's 27 piano concertos, sometimes playing back-to-back contrasting versions, from pianists Leonard Bernstein, Dubravka Tomsic, Keith Jarrett, Jacques Loussier and many more. Check out the complete playlist and your fellow listeners' reactions.

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