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Tuning in to WQXR

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We’ve moved to 105.9 FM

On October 8, 2009, WQXR moved from 96.3 on the FM dial to 105.9. Our new signal will reach the five boroughs of New York City and most of Westchester and Nassau counties in New York; Monmouth, Middlesex, Union, Essex, Hudson and Bergen counties in New Jersey; and parts of Fairfield County in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, the signal from our new home is not quite as strong as it was before the move. The Federal Communications Commission has designated 105.9 FM as a class B1 station, which broadcasts at a slightly lower power than 96.3 FM, which is a full class B station. The terms of our license forbid us from boosting the signal.

About 86% of our listeners should still be able to receive us on our new frequency, but if you’re having trouble getting a clear signal, please read on.

If the signal at 105.9 is slightly fuzzy, consider attaching a new antenna to your radio. For tips from our engineers about how to improve reception, follow this link to our website.

If your signal is extremely poor, one of these options may work for you. 

Television and radio repeaters

Listeners in some areas may be able to find us on their cable television system or at another spot on the radio dial.

  • In the Hudson Valley, WQXR is carried on Time Warner Cable television channel 590.
  • In Poughkeepsie and the surrounding area, WQXR will continue broadcasting on the 103.7 FM radio repeater.
  • By the end of October in Asbury Park, WQXR will be broadcasting on the 96.7 FM radio repeater.

HD radio

If you have an HD radio, the HD2 channel of WNYC 93.9 FM will now carry WQXR. HD radios are digital devices that require no Internet connection and no monthly fee. If you were able to hear WQXR at  96.3 FM, or if you can tune in WNYC at 93.9 FM, this option should work for you.  For more information on HD radio, please click here

Live streaming to computers and mobile devices

WNYC and WQXR both broadcast 24 hours a day on their websites, and  Anyone anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection and good speakers can listen to our 96k or 128k streams. When you’re in your car or otherwise on the go, you can also receive our 96k live stream on hand-held mobile devices such as the Blackberry or iPhone. For help with Internet streaming and public radio applications for your wireless device, please click here.

Internet radio

If you have an Internet connection at home, you can also listen to WQXR and WNYC with an Internet radio, a stand-alone device that can tune in thousands of free radio stations broadcast online. As with live streaming to computers and mobile devices, Internet radio completely eliminates the issue of signal range. WQXR has secured a discounted price from NPR for our listeners on an Internet radio specifically designed to make it easy to find public radio stations. The radio comes with customized instructions on how to tune to WQXR and Q2 (our web only broadcast featuring contemporary classical music). To find out more about this offer and to purchase, click here. To receive the discount, please enter promo code “WNYC”.

We are sorry if none of these options works for you. Please know that we are continuing to explore technologies that can help us extend the reach of our signal at 105.9 FM. We encourage you to check this page and our Audio Help page for updates.