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Silent Film Series

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New Sounds Live Silent Film Series
Live performances of original scores by Lori Goldston, Wayne Horvitz, and Robin Holcomb. ALL PERFORMANCES WILL HAPPEN, SNOW or no snow.

World Financial Center Winter Garden
220 Vesey Street
Battery Park City
Admission is FREE
Passing Fancy - Wednesday, February 10th at 7PM
Woman of Tokyo -Thursday, February 11th at 7PM
That Night's Wife - Friday, February 12th at 7PM

» New Sounds Live 2009-2010 Concert Season

This year's annual winter film series at the World Financial Center is a short retrospective of the films of Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu, with three of his classic silent films set to new music scores by three Seattle-based composers: Lori Goldston, Wayne Horvitz, and Robin Holcomb. Each night, starting at 7PM, experience a different film, accompanied by a live score. On Wednesday night, Feb. 10, it's cellist Lori Goldston's score for a tale of father-son closeness - Ozu's "Passing Fancy." Thursday night, Feb. 11, is Wayne Horvitz' score to the melodrama of sibling sacrifice, "Woman of Tokyo." Friday night, Feb. 12, Robin Holcomb performs her original score for the crime thriller "That Night's Wife." And it's all FREE!
All performances will be taped for later broadcast on New Sounds.

passing fancyPassing Fancy
"Dekigokoro", 1933
Original score composed by Lori Goldston
with shakuhachi player Philip Gelb and percussionist Greg Campbell

After the death of his wife, a man struggles to raise his son in nearly overwhelming poverty. When the father meets a beautiful young woman, the son becomes jealous of his father's attentions, and conflict arises between them. Technically a silent film, it has almost 400 intertitles, and only a handful don't contain dialogue in the comedy-drama. Don Wilmcott of noted the Ozu trademarks shots (floor-level and pillow shots) which make their first appearance in this film.

Woman of TokyoWoman of Tokyo
Tokyo no Onna, 1933
Original score composed Wayne Horvitz
with Bobby Previte – Drums, Marty Ehrlich – Reeds, Matt Moran – Vibes, Rob Jost - Bass

In this melodrama of sibling love, an older sister must struggle to raise her younger brother on her own. Wanting only the best for her brother, who shows much promise, the sister works herself to the bone providing for him. His schooling costs more than she can afford, however, and she turns to prostitution, concealing her fall from her brother and his girlfriend. One of the more grim films in Ozu’s early career, this film mixes the tragic fate of the three young adults. (AllMovie Guide)

tsumaThat Night's Woman
Sono yo no tsuma, 1930
Original score composed Robin Holcomb
with Guy Klucevsek - Accordion, Peggy Lee - Cello, Sara Schoenbeck - Bassoon

The film is set in a twelve-hour period. A commercial artist of meager means is driven to robbery in order to provide medicine for his critically ill daughter. As the film opens he is being pursued by the police. After a series of diversions, he hails a gypsy cab that delivers him to his door—but the night is young. Much of the delight of this film is in the play of visuals and the use of space, from the taxicab with its mirrors to the family’s cluttered apartment, where most of the action takes place.

Goldston Lori Goldston
Classically-trained cellist Lori Goldston has played with everyone from Nirvana to Cat Power. Her current projects include work with doom metal band Earth, her own bands Spectratone International, the Shifting Light and However; a score for Linas Phillips’s film "Bass Akwards," which will premiere at Sundance in early 2010. Co-founder with partner Kyle Hanson of The Black Cat Orchestra, Lori is a frequent collaborator in dance, film and music from other disciplines including traditional Japanese, Turkish, Brazilian Chinese and experimental orchestras. She has played with Nirvana, David Byrne, Cat Power, Earth, Mirah, John Doe, the Wedding Present, Laura Veirs, Larry Barrett, the Dead Science and many others. She applies her uniquely wide-ranging musical skills and love of learning to her teaching, offering classes and workshops, and private lessons.

Horvitz Wayne Horvitz
Composer, keyboardist and producer Wayne Horvitz has composed and produced music for a variety of video, film, theater and dance projects. Horvitz has led the groups The President, Pigpen, Zony Mash, and the Four Plus One Ensemble. He has recorded or performed with John Zorn, Bill Frisell, Elliott Sharp, Tucker Martine, Butch Morris, Fred Frith. He is perhaps most famous for being the keyboardist of the band Naked City. He has produced records for the World Saxophone Quartet, Human Feel, Marty Ehrlich, Fontella Bass, The Living Daylights, Bill Frisell or Eddie Palmieri. As of April 2007 Horvitz performs with Gravitas Quartet, Sweeter Than The Day and Varmint. Horvitz was born in New York City and currently lives in Seattle with his wife, composer Robin Holcomb, and their two children.

Holcomb Robin Holcomb
Pianist, composer, singer and songwriter Robin Holcomb has performed extensively in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia as a solo artist and the leader of various ensembles. In the 1980s, she was a founder of Studio Henry, a venue for maverick composers, and the New York Composers Orchestra, who has lived in Seattle since 1989. Her most recent recording is "John Brown’s Body" (Tzadik), a collection of solo piano compositions, a string quartet and duets and trios with Eyvind Kang, Steve Moore and Dave Carter. Other recording projects include appearances on Bill Frisell’s landmark Nashville recording and contributions to Burt Bacharach, Serge Gainsbourg and Mississippi Sheiks tribute compilations. She has composed music for major works by the Bebe Miller Dance Company (NYC), Joe Goode Performance Group (San Francisco) and Paul Taylor Dance Company (NYC), as well as music for PBS documentaries, dramatic films and theatrical productions, including "Angels at the Four Corners," and "O, Say a Sunset," a staged song cycle inspired by the writing of Rachel Carson.

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