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The 2005 Third Coast Festival Broadcast

The winning programs of the 2005 Third Coast Festival will be heard throughout the country on the annual Third Coast Festival Broadcast airing on WNYC AM 820. Hosted by Barbara Bogaev of American Public Media’s Weekend America, the broadcast features interviews with the 2005 prize winners and highlights from the awards ceremony.

And the winners are...

The Ring & I: The Passion, The Myth, The Mania, produced by Jad Abumrad, Aaron Cohen and Elena Park for WNYC, New York Public Radio
The grandeur and power of Wagner’s monumental work, The Ring Cycle, has permeated our culture to the point that “Wagnerian” is used as an adjective, and each of the opera’s signature elements—the music, the symbolism and use of myth, the epic drama—has found its way into pop culture, from Star Wars to Bugs Bunny. The Ring & I is an examination of the way this work of art has inspired passion, impacted culture, and invited controversy over the last 125 years. The Ring & I first aired on WNYC, New York Public Radio.
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A Map of the Sea, produced by Chris Brookes for Homeland Productions
Newfoundland fisheries were hailed as the greatest in the world for centuries until their main export (codfish) disappeared in 1992. In the years since, tens of thousands of Newfoundlanders have left the island and entire communities have vanished, taking a huge toll on both the economy and the preservation of the oldest non-indigenous culture in the Americas. The islanders are now faced with the challenge of keeping that culture from going the way of the cod. A Map of the Sea first aired on Living on Earth.

Dear Birth Mother, produced by Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister
After waiting for Mr. Right (who has yet to arrive) and experiencing years of fertility treatments, Suzanne, a single, white woman in her forties, decides to adopt an African-American baby. Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister follow her for several months as she attends workshops designed to "teach white people how to raise kids of color," goes on baby-shopping trips with Mom at Target and finally becomes a mom at a suburban restaurant chain, of all places. Dear Birth Mother first aired on Chicago Public Radio.

Weighing the Balance, produced by Kellie Hudson, Dick Miller and Mike Bryan
Weighing the Balance evolved from a simple question: what happened to men who were named and shamed for purchasing child pornography in a public news conference held in Canada in 2003? In April of that year, the names, ages and places of residence of six men, one of whom was James Lecraw, were revealed publicly by the Toronto Police. Despite the withdrawal of charges, LeCraw lost his job, friends and eventually, in deep despair, took his own life. This is James’ story, as told by his brother, niece, former employer and through his own words. Weighing the Balance first aired on CBC Radio One’s The Current.

Just Another Fish Story, produced by Molly Menschel
Ten years ago, the people of Lubec, Maine were met with the unpleasant surprise of an enormous finback whale that washed onto the beachfront of their tiny coastal town. As the 60-ton dead fish began to decompose, the town was forced to come up with a plan to dispose of it. In Just Another Fish Story, the people of Lubec re-live the burial of their giant visitor and reveal as much about the town as the whale. Produced at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Just Another Fish Story first aired on Living on Earth.

My Struggle With Obesity, produced by Czerina Patel with WNYC Radio Rookie’s Reporter Samr “Rocky” Tayeh
Fifteen year-old Rocky, a Palestinian American, lives with his parents and siblings in Brooklyn. Rocky is three times the size of his twin sister and the target of his siblings’ jokes and insults. When not ridiculing him, Rocky’s family tries to entice him to lose weight by offering such incentives as a laptop computer or even $1,000. Rocky captures his own struggles on tape as he tries earnestly to slim down, even though he has no idea how to control his eating habits. My Struggle with Obesity first aired on WNYC, New York Public Radio.
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The Wire, Episode 5: The Sound Around, produced by Paolo Pietropaolo, Chris Brookes and Jowi Taylor
An original blend of documentary, remix, and music show, the eight-part series The Wire: the Impact of Electricity on Music explores how the use of electricity has changed the sound and process of making music over the past century. Episode 5, The Sound Around, examines how music has become ubiquitous throughout the world from restaurants and stores, to being placed on hold on the phone. The Wire, Episode 5 first aired on CBC Radio One.

Mandela: An Audio History, produced by Joe Richman, Sue Johnson and Ben Shapiro with help from Deborah George
Mandela: An Audio History is a five-part radio series documenting South Africa’s half-century long struggle against apartheid as told by Nelson Mandela, as well as those who fought with him and against him. Produced without scripted narration, the project weaves first person accounts with an unprecedented collection of archival recordings, many of which had never been broadcast anywhere before. Mandela: An Audio History first aired on NPR’s All Things Considered, and also aired in South Africa on English, Indian, Xhosa, and Zulu radio stations.

Hearing Voices, produced by John Wynne
Hearing Voices is a compelling and adventurous exploration of languages on the verge of extinction, a ‘composed documentary’ which features recordings of various click language speakers from the Kalahari Desert in Botswana. Apart from the voices of academics from the field of language ecology, every sound in this half-hour piece is derived from the Khoisan subjects' voices and their environment. Hearing Voices moves seamlessly between documentary and abstraction, language and music, weaving together interviews, field recordings and Wynne’s own composition crafted from these materials. It first aired on BBC Radio 3’s Between the Ears.

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