Summer Books with Leonard Lopate

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Girl, Interrupted
July 29, 2002
While missing girls have broken hearts in the headlines, author Alice Sebold has written The Lovely Bones, a warm and haunting novel about a murdered girl who watches her family life unfold from heaven. Hear Ms. Sebold discuss her book in an interview with guest-host Tom Vitale.



A Return to the Big Easy
July 23, 2002
It's been six long years since fans have had a new dose of Easy Rawlins, the unconventional hero of Walter Mosley's mystery series. While Easy's been taking it just that, the author has been writing literary fiction, science fiction, and political science. Now Easy is back in a new mystery, Bad Boy Brawly Brown. Hear what they've both been up to when Walter Mosely discusses his new book. And get more about Walter Mosely in his "Survival Kit" interview with Leonard Lopate.



Black Patriotism
July 17, 2002
How could Washington, Mason, Madison and Jefferson, the visionaries who shaped our free and democratic society, have lived within the contradiction of slavery? Pulitzer-prize winning historian Roger Wilkins demythologizes four forefathers' views on race in discussing his book, Jefferson's Pillow: The Founding Fathers and The Dilemma of Black Patriotism.



Running Partner
July 10, 2002
And you thought your childhood was troubled? Augusten Burroughs discusses Running with Scissors, his harrowing--and hilarious--new memoir of a childhood spent in a profoundly bizarre household.



Running Toward Disaster
July 1, 2002
Instead of running away from disaster, journalists ran toward it on September 11. The AP's Robyn Walensky and CNN producer Phil Hirshkorn discuss their new anthology of broadcast journalism from the front lines, Covering Catastrophe.


Hard Boiled
June 26, 2002
Three of our most respected contemporary authors discuss Raymond Chandler's legacy, on the re-release of all his major works. Hear Jonathan Lethem, Pico Iyer and Richard Russo describe the big impact of The Big Sleep, and beyond.


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