Mexican Restaurants and Groceries

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Gourmet editor-in-chief Ruth Reichl was joined by Guatemalan-American writer Francisco Goldman on The Leonard Lopate Show; they looked beyond Taco Bell to discuss the influence of Latin American cuisine. Below is the list of Mexican restaurants mentioned on the show.



El Paso tacquerias
1642 Lexington Avenue at 104th Street


64 E. 97th Street
Classic Fonda food

La Hacienda
219 E. 116th Street
El Barrio institution

La Tacqueria
237 E. 116th Street
Owned by the family that runs La Hacienda

Tulcingo del Valle Restaurant
665 Tenth Avenue
Excellent sopa de mariscos (seafood soup)

Zaragoza Mexican Deli and Grocery
215 Avenue A, near 14th Street, East Village,
(212) 780-9204.
Store plus they sell fresh tacos and tamales every day

Tehuitzingo Deli and Grocery
695 10th Avenue, near 47th Street,
(212) 397-5956
The rear of the deli is a colorful and festive counter. Tacos carnitas and al pastor are excellent. Unusual fillings, like pork skin, are also available.


Hidalgo Mexican Grocery and Tacqueria
30-11 29th Street; 718-274-6936
On weekends, fresh, spicy chicken and pork tamales are sold

Poblano Deli
75-13 Roosevelt Avenue
Jackson Heights

Mi Bello Mexico
87-21 Roosevelt Avenue
Jackson Heights

La Poblanita
78-03 Roosevelt Avenue
Jackson Heights


Tacos Nuevo Mexico
5th Avenue between 12th and 13th Streets
Park Slope
Mexican ballads on jukebox

Las Conchitas Bakery
48-11 Fifth Avenue, 718-437-5513
Sunset Park
Bakery with a few stools and tables in back

La Guera's Tamale Stand
46th Street & 5th Avenue