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Shared Weight

Vietnam vets, Vietnamese who lived through the war, resisters and activists tell riveting, personal stories of the impact the war on their lives, work and beliefs. Hosted by WYPR's Marc Steiner, produced by Steve Elliot, Center for Emerging Media. Major funding from CPB

  • Wandering Souls: A soldier returns to Vietnam to make peace with the family of a young medic he killed.
  • Artists Born of War: Authors tell how the war catalyzed their writing.
  • Woody Curry's Journal: A veteran from the Baltimore ghetto, tells how he survived the war and transformed himself.
  • Five brothers, among them three Vietnam vets and two war resisters, gather for a dialogue.
  • Reflections of Vietnam veterans, antiwar activists and a Sandinista guerilla.
  • Women and the Vietnam War, including a memorial to the "China Beach" nurse.
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