The Leonard Lopate Essay Contest

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1) Christopher Wall, "The Size of the Room: A Personal Reconstruction"
2) Michael Stone: "I'm Okay, I'm Cursed"
3) Vivian Yang, "First Breakup Recalled"
4) Jeanne Wilkinson, "Ruminations on Ruminants/Breaking Up With Cows"
5) Rob Jacklosky, "A Version of Me Brought to You by Network TV"
6) Judith Thomas, "Louie"
7) Erin Quinlan
8) Brian Collins, "Earthquake Weather"
9) Rene Georg Vasicek, "Get a Grip"
10) Suzanne Guillette, "Break-Up, Breakdown, No Thank You"
11) Julee Newberger, "Destiny's Lady"
12) Julia May Jones, "I Won't Tell This Story Again"
13) Lauren Knighton
14) David Ashe, "A Continuum of Internet Dating Disasters"
15) Sayward Parsons, "Sharpshooter"
16) Jenny Shalant, "One Bedroom"
17) John Christmann: "Blanky"
18) John Dillon, "Coal Mine to Kibbutz: What If"
19) Penny Wolfson, "The Stalker In Me"
20) Denise Schipani, "Here Comes the Irony"

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