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East Meets West

WNYC airs a five part series, East Meets West, which examines the ancient and complex relationships among communities found along the Silk Road, produced by the staff of Wisconsin Public Radio’s To The Best of Our Knowledge. Series topics include spirituality, politics, music, movies, trade and art.

Clash Of Civilizations
February 24 at 7AM on AM 820 A roundup of prominent Western and Muslim intellectuals debate the conflicting world views that spark tensions between East & West.

Dharma Days, Yoga Nights
March 2 at 7AM on AM 820 A look at America's romance with Eastern spirituality

The New Silk Road
March 9 at 7AM on AM 820 The ancient rading routes through Persia, India and China were once the crossroads between East and West. Is the blogosphere the new Silk Road?

Culture In The Crossroads
March 16 at 7AM on AM 820 A "Bollywood" filmmaker talks about cross-cultural movies, a Pakistani comedian find the funny side of Islam, and an Iraqi heavy-metal band feels the noise

Encountering Islam
March 23 at 7AM on AM 820 Can Muslims assimilate in the Secular West?

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