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Bloomsday on Broadway XXIX

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Symphony Space's 29th annual celebration of James Joyce's Ulysses will be Web cast live on at 7 p.m., Wednesday June 16. A radio broadcast will join the event in progress beginning at 8 p.m. on 93.9 FM.

Ulysses follows Joyce's hero, Mr. Leopold Bloom, through Dublin as he makes his way home to his beloved Molly Bloom.

Selected readings from Joyce's novel will be interspersed with parallel selections from Homer's Odyssey and followed with the complete, vivid night-time monologue of Molly Bloom.

Please note: James Joyce’s classic novel, Ulysses, contains language and concepts that may not be suitable for younger listeners.

Program details:

I. Opening

The Odyssey: Book One
“Sing to me of the man, muse…”
Isaiah Sheffer

“But my heart breaks for Odysseus…”
Athena: Barbara Rosenblat
Zeus: Paul Hecht

Ulysses: Calypso
“Mr. Leopold Bloom ate with relish…”
Bloom: Paul Hecht
Pussycat: Julia Pierpont
Molly: KT Sullivan

“Two letters and a card…”
Narrator: James Braly
Bloom: Jonathan Hadary
Molly: KT Sullivan
Milly: Clodagh Bowyer

II. Hades

The Odyssey: Book Eleven, The Kingdom of the Dead
“Now down we came to the ships…”
Odysseus: Andrew Seear

“My comrade groaned…”
Elpenor: David Margulies
Odysseus: Andrew Seear
Tiresias: Barbara Feldon

Ulysses: Hades
“Her grave is over there, Jack…”
Narrator: Mary Brienza
Bloom: Kit Lukas
Peter Quinn, Neil Hickey, Isaiah Sheffer, Malachy McCourt, Ciaran O’Reilly, Aidan Connolly

III. Nausicaa

The Odyssey: Book Six, The Princess and the Stranger
“Dawn soon rose…”
Narrator: Rebecca Donner
Nausicaa: Bernadette Quigley
Alcinous: Damian Woetzel
Odysseus: Adam Harvey

Ulysses: Nausicaa
“The summer sun had begun…”
Eilin O’Dea

IV. Circe

The Odyssey: Book Ten, The Bewitching Queen of Aeaea
“Leaving the ship and shore…”
Odysseus: Stephen Lang
Hermes: Jefferson Mays
Circe: Lillo Way
George Stack, Aidan Connolly

Ulysses: Circe
“Bloom I stand for the reform…”
Bloom: John Shea
Stage Directions: Dana Ivey
Terry Moran, Isaiah Sheffer, George Stack, Aidan Connolly, Lisa Flanagan, Frances Scanlon, Marian Seldes, Rebecca Donner, Tony Roberts, Phyllis Roome, Ciaran O’Reilly, Sarah Montague

V. Cyclops

The Odyssey: Book Nine, In the One-Eyed Giant’s Cave
Odysseus: Stephen Colbert
Cyclops: Stephen Lang

Ulysses: Cyclops
“In Innisfail there lies a land…”
Colum McCann

“The figure seated…”
Stephen Colbert

“And then he starts…”
Alphie McCourt

“Let me, said he…”
Ira Glass

“The fashionable world…”
Charlotte Moore

“Take that in you right hand…”
Niall Burgess

“Will you try another…”
Narrator: Neil Hickey
Bloom: David Margulies
Khris Lewin, Malachy McCourt, Thane Rosenbaum, Peter Quinn, Ivy Austin

“But begob…”
Neil Hickey, Malachy McCourt, Eilin O’Dea, David Margulies, Ciaran O’Reilly, Khris Lewin ,p> “Gob, the devil won’t stop him.”
Neil Hickey, Malachy McCourt, Khris Lewin, Isaiah Sheffer

VI. Homecoming: Ithaca

The Odyssey: Book Twenty-Three, The Great Rooted Bed
“With that thought…”
Narrator: Isaiah Sheffer
Penelope: Lois Smith
Telemachus: Damian Woetzel
Odysseus: David Margulies

Ulysses: Ithaca
“Bloom acts?”
Questions: Rebecca Donner
Answers: George S. Irving

Questions: Frances Scanlon
Answers: Lillo Way

“In what final satisfaction…”
Questions: Lisa Flanagan
Answers: Isaiah Sheffer

VII. Ulysses: Penelope

The complete episode
Molly: Fionnula Flanagan


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