Restaurant Grades: 'B' Grade

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As the new food inspection program rolls out later this month, if a restaurant receives more than 14 points, it will not receive a grade at that time. Instead, the restaurant will be re-inspected at least a week after the first inspection. During that time, the Health Department hopes restaurants will fix any violations before a second, different inspector makes an announced visit to conduct another survey.

If that inspection results in an 'A' grade, the grade card is posted immediately. But if the restaurant still has violations that equal a 'B' or a 'C' grade, the restaurant has two choices: post the grade or post the card 'Grade Pending' while the restaurant awaits a hearing before a Health Department Administrative Tribunal to review the inspection. Once the Tribunal rules, whether it revises or leaves unchanged the second food inspection report, the restaurant will be required to post a score.
A 'B' is awarded for restaurants that receive 14 to 27 points in violation of the Health Code. A restaurant that gets a 'B' will have a new inspection five to seven months later.

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