Restaurant Grades: 'A' Grade

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In school we learned that an 'A' was awarded for a score between 90-100 points, a 'B' for 80-89 points and a 'C' for 70 to 79. That’s not how the New York City’s new health inspection restaurant grading program will work.

Inspectors will still arrive unannounced and spend several hours examining a restaurants sanitary conditions and practices. The inspector will assign points based on the type of violations and the severity. Is the facility vermin proof? Has food been cooked to the right temperature? Is food being stored at the right temperature? Are there plumbing or sewage problems?
Once the inspection is finished, the restaurant receives a total score that reflects the overall sanitary conditions of the restaurant according to the Health Department. The more points a restaurant receives, the worse the grade.
If a restaurant scores between 0-13 points, it will receive an 'A' card and has to post it immediately. The next inspection won’t be for another year.

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