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NYC Charter Commission: Voters May Have Their Say on Term Limits

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The New York City Charter Revision Commission is considering rolling back term limits from three terms to two.

The panel, created by Mayor Michael Bloomberg after his election to a third term, issued its preliminary staff report on Friday afternoon, outlining ideas it wants to examine in the next several weeks.


On term limits, the report presents the options of rolling back the current three-term limit to two terms for all elected officials, or keeping the limit at three for members of the City Council but restricting citywide officials and borough presidents to two terms. The report also suggests a possible charter amendment that would restrict the City Council from changing the term-limits law to benefit any incumbents voting on the proposal.

Today's report also makes recommendations on issues including public integrity, government efficiencies, and ways to increase voter participation. But it says further study is needed on issues regarding non-partisan elections, government structure, land use, and the budgeting of “watchdog” entities (such as the Conflict of Interests Board, the Civilian Complaint Review Board, Public Advocate and Comptroller).

The commission will hold another round of public hearings, starting on Monday, July 12 at the Surrogate’s Courthouse in lower Manhattan. It must decide by early September what issues to put before voters on the November ballot.