No Cover: Toro Y Moi

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Glo-fi tunesmith Toro Y Moi plugged-in for The Whitney Live concert series on July 2. You can stream the entire set right here.

Before You Press Play

Hometown: Columbia, South Carolina

The Facts: Toro Y Moi is the stage name of 23-year-old Chaz Bundick. With the release of his 2009 EP Blessa, he and one-time cohort/collaborator Washed Out, set the chillwave genre in motion last summer.

For his 2010 trick, Bundick wrote, produced and recorded his first full length album Causers of This. He consistently pushes out digitized complex layers with R&B, funk and post-punk tendencies. One thing you may miss is a well-pronounced hook as he builds his vocals into the beats like Legos, compiling an architecture's feat of interchangeable soundscapes.

The Sound: In this recording, Bundick was reigning over his keyboard and mixing knobs the duration of the show and was joined on stage with drummer Andy Woodward and bassist Patrick Jeffords. Toro Y Trois as it were made it through most of the Causers of This album and also projected three new tracks onto the swaying crowd. And for this performance, Bundick was especially liberal with the volume and reverb knobs.

Latest Release: Causers Of This (2010), Carpark Records

He Said, She Said: "Causers Of This is a woozy kaleidoscopic voyage, sending you in and out of consciousness with each splendidly shoddy lo-fi recording. Opener ‘Blessa’ is feather-light dream-pop which hypnotises your ears into complete submission, whereas soulful vocals blend with hip-hop beats in ‘Fax Shadow’, proving Toro Y Moi as quite the chameleon." -- Sam Rowe, NME

"Bundick uses his warped, wonky, washed-out, worked-over electronic songs as a kind of musical diary, spilling secrets in layered falsetto as his tunes court the dancefloor." -- Anthony Carew, Anthony's Alternative Music Blog

Set List:
1. Blessa
2. Minors
3. *New, unnamed track
4. Fax Shadow
5. *New Jam (temporary titled)
6. Talamak
7. You Hid
8. *Don't Stop (unofficially)
9. Low Shoulder