Race in America and the Troubles in Ireland

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We’ll look into how America’s racial demographics are changing—and what a majority-minority society means for identity politics. Then, we’ll get a new take on Mexican Street food from a chef who really knows—James Beard award–winner Rick Bayless. Also, Adam Ross discusses his acclaimed new novel, Mr. Peanut. Plus, Ed Moloney reveals what he learned about when he talked with two Irish paramilitary leaders—one republican, one loyalist—involved in the Troubles in Ireland.

Race and America's Future

Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and CEO of PolicyLink, and Manuel Pastor, professor and director of the Program for Environmental and Regional Equity at the University of Southern California, discuss race and American identity. In Uncommon Common Ground: Race and America’s Future, they explore race as both a dynamic facet of American identity and a major cause of American disunity.

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Fiesta with Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless, chef and winner of Bravo’s “Top Chef Masters,” talks about the art of entertaining. His latest cookbook, Fiesta at Rick’s: Fabulous Food for Great Times with Friends, includes 150 recipes—from appetizers to desserts—made with his signature Mexican flavors. He also includes tips for planning menus and parties, so the guests and the hosts can relax and have fun.

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Adam Ross's Novel, Mr. Peanut

Adam Ross discusses his novel, Mr. Peanut. It’s about a man who’s been in love with his wife since the moment they met in college. After she dies, he’s both deeply distraught and the prime suspect. The story explores the opposing impulses of love and hatred, and if it’s possible to know anyone completely.


Stories of War in Ireland

Ed Moloney tells the stories of two former Irish paramilitary leaders—one republican, one loyalist—who spoke openly to him with unprecedented frankness about their roles in some of the most appalling violence of the Troubles. Voices from the Grave: Two Men’s War in Ireland, is his ground-breaking piece of historical evidence-gathering, and an account of two men’s lives and of the society in which they grew up.

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Leonard's Questions: Rick Bayless

Rick Bayless came on The Leonard Lopate Show to discuss ballroom dancing, winning "Top Chef Masters" and more!


Bacon-and-Tomato Guacamole (Guacamole de Tocino y Jitomate) from Fiesta at Rick's

This is kind of a no-brainer, bacon, lettuce and tomato being such a beloved sandwich combo, especially when there’s a good smear of mayo.  This guacamole is in the same vein, except that the tangy, creamy mayo is replaced by avocado and lime.  Come to think of it, the avocado, along with a little cilantro, brings the lettuce-green to the picture as well.  It’s a perfect Mexican-American fusion of smoky, bright, creamy, fresh and satisfying.

If the tomato is really ripe and juicy, I’d cut it in half widthwise (across its “equator”), then gently squeeze out the jelly-like seeds from each half.  That’ll keep the guacamole from becoming runny.  And to ensure crisp bacon texture, don’t stir it in until just before serving.

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Summer Margarita (Margarita Veranal) from Fiesta at Rick's

Most people stumble on the first ingredient of these incredibly delicious margaritas.  Cucumbers in a margarita?  Sounds like creativity gone awry to some, while those thinking outside the box imagine the refreshing, melon-like flavor that cucumber can offer to sweetened lime and tequila.  No orange liqueur here to dull the crisp freshness.   


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