Brooklyn Rider Live

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The young string quartet Brooklyn Rider takes on everything from Debussy and John Cage to works featuring the Japanese shakuhachi and electronics. With their high-energy performing style and occasional gigs in rock clubs, the group is helping to shake up the once staid image of the string quartet.









Brooklyn Rider shares their new album “Dominant Curve” and plays live in our studio.

Their Playlist:

1. Kojiro Umezaki- "(Cycles) what falls must rise"

2. Live Performance- Debussy String Quartet in G Minor- 2nd Movement

3. Live Performance- "Loveland" from Colin Jacobsen's "Achille's Heel"

4. Live Performance- Toivo Karki arr. Ljova- "Tayiskuu" ("The Full Moon")

5. Colin Jacobsen- "Brooklesca"