Rangel: Not Another Dime for the War

Charlie Rangel, a decorated Korean War veteran who is facing a tough re-election campaign this year, tacks left, and says no to any more war approppriations.

"I don't believe we should spend another dime for the war in the Middle East, except to get out," Rangel says in this video.

Rangel is scheduled to make an announcement about reducing war funding during an 11 a.m. press conference in Manhattan.

This year’s race is the most competitive Rangel has had in years. Along with a smattering of unresolved ethical probes, there’s been a steady shift in the district’s demographics, away from the African-Americans base Rangel has relied on to a growing population that includes Hispanics and Whites.

Rangel is facing a primary challenge from Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, anti-war activist Jonathan Tasini and former aide Vince Morgan.