Can Move to Oust Espada Make NYS Budget Even Later?

The state Democratic Party is looking to expel from its ranks Pedro Espada, the Senate Majority Leader.

Party Chairman Jay Jacobs told me the decision to expel Espada has been under discussion for months but was held off, in part, because of the ongoing state budget process.

But it’s worth noting that the New York State Senate went home last week without voting on the revenue portion of the state budget. They are due back in session next week.

The revenue bills, like the other portions of the budget, will probably have to be passed by Democrats cobbling together all of their 32 votes, since the 30 Republicans in that house have been voting along party lines against nearly everything Democrats have proposed.

I asked Jacobs if the move against Espada will make it harder for the State Senate to get enough votes to pass the revenue portions of the state budget. Jacobs said, “I hope it doesn’t. It may. I understand that” and “that is certainly a concern.”